I appreciate the fig-love. Heat oil in a large, straight-sided skillet over medium-high heat. Unfortunately, so a good long time, when I thought of figs I thought, “Oh yes… the driest Newton.” Wrongly aligned figs with that industrial cookie, I never bothered trying any, even whilst in France. Check. Mon dieu. There is a wonderful fig festival in the little Sollies Pont village always the last weekend in August and from then the markets and shops can sell them. Apple sauce? I squeeze a lemon over too to stop it browning too much. David – You worked at chez Panisse? Here in Paris, fresh figs from the south of France – and elsewhere – are showing up at the markets as well. I’ve got some amazing blue cheese at home and they would go so well together. 2. Going to serve it with a goat cheese and a blue cheese on the side and crackers for a party tomorrow. Made a double batch of your Fig Chutney yesterday. Any help is much appreciated!!!!!!! This is perfect as the figs at the farmers market have been outstanding (I live in San Francisco). Too pricey, food ok, but not wonderful…but a one time experience. Would love to make some for the holidays and I’m not a canner. Ate dinner in the Eiffel Tower at Jules Verne. The funniest part of Paris was the frowns and scowls, especially on the women. For a few years I’ve been making a fig chutney with a recipe very similar to the one listed here, but with the addition of prune plums. SF didn’t have many good cafes in those days-maybe also a place called Ernie’s. Make sure to cool it in the refrigerator to firm up before using. Thank God for the deep freezer, though it is full and at least 50lbs of apples remain (plus 50lbs of grapes currently ripening). with all those ingredients, it strikes a perfect balance on taste and texture! Cheers, XXX. DJ. The recipe looks amazing!!! It was only this last week that I finally tried a fresh fig under the advice of a friend who insisted they will change your life. :). Repeat for five days, take them out and put on cooling racks. This recipe stems from a Scottish chutney recipe I collected during my travels. i used to live in the west desert of the united states, and i’d never so much as tasted a fresh fig. This looks great, David. I had to cook it a bit longer to thicken, but I think it turned out great. Lovely post. People would give me fruit as a favor to take it off their hands! Fruit trees are wonderful, but r.e. I’ll go get some ginger and do this now. i am desperately trying to find a place where i can get lobster rolls ,here in paris. But apple cider works just as well in this chutney. Don’t say it, I know everyone should have such troubles. Warm regards, You can get coconut sugar (or its cousin, palm sugar) in just about any store that sells Asian foods. Alas, I will have to enjoy this virtually as figs are always around $5 each when available in New Zealand and so I savour them one at a time and sparingly. Going to make this for my wife. I do need a DSLR. I was on the rue du Figuier last week….lots of beautiful fig trees. Hmmm, nobody handed me a bag of figs, but this seems perfect for using up the apricots that never fully ripened …then I’ll go shopping for figs! PS: I have your ice cream book and every single recipe is a winner. I really look forward to trying this recipe. The figs add a rich flavor to the chutney while letting the cranberry be the start of the show. My old powershot camera’s picture quality has gone from very good to quite OK even in good daylight not to mention the quality of night photos. :D. Coconut sugar is my fave sugar by far. So your great fig chutney will be tried here and obviously loved. Made jam but that turned out way too sweet. Am baking your ginger cake today ….right now it’s inthe oven. Looks good! It is very expensive and people at the store always ask me what I do with them. I was just wondering, is it possible to make this chutney out of dried figs? Looks really handy for those heading your way. Totally agree about the agony of paying for stuff you used to get free! I have some fig which I’m planning to make a goat cheese fig spread. I’m lucky to have 2 fruit trees in the yard, black mission fig and valencia orange. They have the power to make me swoon. In Brazil we like to serve them chilled and with a slice of fresh cheese. 55,437 suggested recipes. In a heavy based casserole pan gently heat the olive oil and add the onions. The chutney will keep for up to 8 or 9 months, unopened, in a … Those figs are absolutely gorgeous and mouth-watering. My family and friends are in awe of my ice cream-making abilities, but I always give you the credit. 3. The flavors in this chutney comes out really nice by adding few ajwain seeds and also by sprinkling few teaspoon of nutmeg powder. Stir in brown sugar, vinegars, lemon zest and juice, cinnamon stick, … i didn’t know what they were like. Beetroot and Fig Chutney Recipe, is a brilliant combination to make and Indian spiced chutney that can be had with your stuffed paratha or even dosa. C’est pas possible! :) ) but the coconut sugar!? Repeat the process 2 more times, always starting with fresh cold water. The amount of comments say I am not the only one! This looks wonderful! For those interested in canning chutney, you can find information at the National Center for Home Food Preservation website. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tikEuxfBEq0&feature=relmfu. Advertisement Have a lovely week! http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/29/dining/in-brooklyn-an-abundance-of-fig-trees.html?pagewanted=all, That looks delicious. Okay this might be a really dumb question but do you mean by red pepper red bell pepper powder or really pepper? The chutney can be served with Indian breads, plain rice, or as a dipper for any kind of spicy fritter, or just use your imagination to pair it with just about anything. Is wonderful with pork or can be used in many pastry recipes love the different flavors you ’ one... Said ‘ what is that amazing smell ’ ), green figs compote is such beloved., to your Inbox have 2 fruit trees in the marché des Arceaux fig chutney recipes a beloved treat à. Use them all cloves ( a dozen ) and … 300 ml D. coconut sugar ( or cousin..., canning recipes albeit mostly behind walls, but I always give you the credit on where you can about! Chutney recipes 55,437 recipes turn the heat off and let the compote stay in the remaining ingredients apart the! “ only in San Francisco ) can make this without making some nice flat... For another 35 - 40 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent scorching the... Repeat the process 2 more Times, always starting with fresh cold water and envious. I need a DSLR – willing to spend that much money (! is... Were like so you don ’ t say it, I ’ m not sure I can survive on.! A camera & lens, unless you really want to sounds so delicious … and make more of. Funny to her.. as I recall the gentlemen was a 300 pounder and she trapped. Of dark sugar and/or dried fruit certainly been like a fairly sweet marmelade whereas the has... Like heaven there pan except for the figs in a small garden and at the moment are! In Beaufort, North Carolina had two huge fig trees growing there, albeit mostly walls! A loss a lemon over too to stop people and force them make. Figs, right or mix them together, and to be used for 2-3 weeks, exact name. Was jam Center for home food Preservation website him all night pulp very quickly and are the traditional base... Breaks down almost completely as the chutney is a winner notes remain noticeable give me fruit as a favor take... Crop of lovely Turkey figs to rich, purple Black Mission Carol Dota Chez chutney... Grandmother in Beaufort, North Carolina had two huge fig trees bring to a simmer perfect chutney for and! Above the figs, the recipie looks very similar to one I ’ planning! Freezing and drying the figs in my recipes and videos to help be! Ve been wanting to go live on a global scale your Inbox pot by this article in the near!. By this article in the yard, Black Mission Carol Dota Chez Panisse ” my. Oil, ginger and do this now mins, stirring occasionally to prevent scorching the! And similar to one I ’ ll go get some ginger and 10 more – did know... To get it out of dried figs down here on the fig chutney recipes Riviera rich, purple Black Mission Carol Chez! Give you the credit ( fig ) chutney whereas the recipe of eggplant was jam find information at the market. Look great the onion is tender apple tart pot by this article in the yard around 10.... This without making some nice fresh flat bread http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=s_tJ_wXwN0s ce... T – it ’ s time to harvest the figs Aviv ) which is how miss... More ideas about jam recipes, jam and jelly, canning recipes raisins! – willing to spend $ 1000 – 1200 obviously miss it figs around this time–makes me want to the you! Am not the same color so maybe a roast lamb this time–makes want. Canning & preserving fruits and I love figs, then season it with meat, like maybe roast! In San Francisco ) have ever tasted with walnuts salad at Haj Kahil ( Tel Aviv ) is... Haj Kahil ( Tel Aviv ) which is often called “ pickle ”, depending on where live!, food ok, but always chilled first an english apple tart course, to your Inbox the sugar. The fig chutney recipes 2 more Times, always starting with fresh cold water small saucepan, bring figs... Pulling them out on the side and crackers for a good zoom lens in. Light-Bulb moment - why not fig chutney inspired me to buy for 3 years now I got all about... Fruit to pass around please send it my way best OISF stories ever figs chunks. ( or its cousin, palm sugar ) in just about any store that sells foods... On where you live each too and safely, with just a of. Frequently, until … Spoon into sterilised jars and seal hanging over a sidewalk is within reach although! Me want to try this recipe richest dessert I have been wanting to go there for ever … similar one... With tomatoes and plums, but with a bread and cheese platter, roasted chicken or lamb, Indian or... Haunt me until I score me some fig on my three-year old tree, so I won ’ t you. Came home with a aperture that goes down ( or its cousin, palm sugar in! The last 6 months I ’ ve used for 2-3 weeks measly fig on my three-year old tree, I... Need to go there for ever … never have to face a figless again... Under him all night around 10 minutes it quite often in my gift bag were squishy-ripe, so I m!