Check to see if your toilet seat fittings are joined together with a couple of bolts. Put on your hand gloves for protection and clean the toilet seat before working on it. I’m an aspiring Entrepreneur, successful writer and blogger. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. If they look fine, pry up the cover that is over the screws and loosen the screws so you can center the toilet seat over the toilet. Research estimates that there are 50 disease-causing microbes per square inch of a toilet seat. terms of service. Then proceed to cut at the hardware with the hacksaw. Wall Hung Toilets Bathroom Kohler How to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings a detailed guide how to install toilet seats on one piece toilets how to tighten toilet seat with no access underside bath how to replace a toilet seat you. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. That is especially important when your toilet has metallic bits that are susceptible to rust. If that doesn’t work, try gripping the screw with a pair of pliers and turning it. Short of unplumbing the whole thing I cannot think of a way to fit a seat. Removing the cap exposes the hinge mechanism. Then the bolts will become easy to remove. I'd suggest keeping these. We've just moved house, and the downstairs toilet seat is so loose it's a serious health risk! Don’t worry most people do including the most experienced installer. By signing up, you agree to Kukun’s How to Remove Toilet Seat with Hidden Fixings? Once you have taken off the cap, you’ll see the top of the bolts which are holding your seat in place. Use your fingers or a screwdriver to pry up the plastic housing to uncover the bolt. How to Remove Toilet Seat with Hidden Fixings: A Detailed Guide, hinges are always at the back of the toilet seat, Penetrating oil (only if you spot rust on metal nuts and bolts), KOHLER K-4734-96 Rutledge Elongated Toilet Seat Review, Toilet Seat Hinge Replacement: A Complete Guide. For a back to wall toilet, your seat may have hidden fixings. A mini hacksaw should be appropriate for an enclosed space, but if it is a wider space, you can make use of the regular one. When turning the screw clockwise it draws the coned nut up thus expanding the rubber bung,which grips the inside of the hole in the pan. Position your safety glasses. How to remove or replace a toilet seat how to tighten any loose toilet seat in how to remove or replace a toilet seat « Home How To Remove Toilet Seat With Hidden Fixings. If you want to remove your toilet seat hidden fixings, do stock the following necessary tools: Protective hand gloves; Penetrating oil; Drill with bits; Hacksaw; Masking or duct tape; Putty knife; Socket wrench; Pliers; Flathead Screwdriver; Steps on how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings Replacing your toilet hinges does not have to wait until you are ready to remodel the bathroom. After removing the caps, you can now see the top side of the bolt that is holding the seat in place. You can also make use of a solution mixed with 10% acetone and 90% vegetable oil in case you don’t have penetrating oil. I can afford anything that I want. Taking the screws with you to the hardware store lets you get an exact replacement set. After checking, follow the steps below to easily remove the toilet seat. I’m a When the hardware loosens, you can remove the nut. Read more: How to choose a toilet for your bathroom: tips from experts. Step 4. You can now secure the toilet seat with the duct or masking tape. Visit the post for more. Just detach the stubborn seat with a socket set, a hacksaw, or a drill. Our toilet seat is like this, you just rotate the little covers to reveal the easily accessible cross head screws . If the placement of your toilet seat fixings requires that you drill or cut off the bolts before the seat removal, there is a need to tape the cover with material like cardboard. We just moved into a house with one of those, and the toilet seat is broken so needs replacing. This is for the prevention of accidental scratches as you saw. This guide shows you how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings when you need to clean or replace it. Then, you need to give the toilet seat a thorough wash once every week and a deep cleaning once every month. 0. Dont chuck the old fixings. The plastic bolts are hidden under a small plastic housing at the top of the seat. Apr 22, 2018 - Want to know how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings for a clean and rust-free bathroom? I was born in Chicago, IL and in 2011 I graduated from Triton College with a degree in Communication. With the help of this guide, you can know how to remove a toilet seat with hidden fixings and complete the task yourself. These hinges are designed to match the toilet bowl seat, so you get the proper fit with your replacement parts with free shipping from Protect your hands by wearing protective gloves. Alternatively, you can use the socket wrench or a pair of pliers to hold the bolts as you tighten. Tools required to replace a toilet seat. Apply the oil around the metallic bits and leave it to sit for up to 10 minutes. Most seats and bowls fall into three broad categories – round, elongated, or D-shaped – but all toilet seats are secured to the pan by a pair of hinges. If the screw heads are too rusted or too stripped, you might have to take drastic action to remove the seat bolts. That lets you determine the kind of fastening mechanism you’re dealing with. Step 7. Apply steady and firm pressure on the connection between the bolt and the nut as you drill. Remove the regular plastic caps, ease the flathead screwdriver beneath the cap and pop it up. Copyright © 2019 Project for Home | All Rights Reserved. On older units this is normally a straight forward process of unscrewing wing nuts under the edge of the pan and replacing like with like. How to choose a toilet for your bathroom: tips from experts, How to replace toilet water line in 6 steps. When you were installing your toilet seat, you may have tightened the bolts with a wrench or a pair of pliers, and now — after several years — you should be able to remove it the same way.If only ... ! Start by taking the seat off the hinges, levering off the cover plates and remove the brackets. Removing the cap exposes the hinge mechanism. However we have a sealed pan unit ie there is no fixing underneath and the pan is sealed to an enclosed unit that contains the water systern . Hey I’m Jennifer Branett. Make sure that your seat sits evenly on the perimeter of your toilet bowl and centre it. Use your pliers to keep the nuts in place and unscrew the bolts with your screwdriver. That loosens the nut and bolt rust, making it easy to remove the screws. I need to replace a toilet seat. Detach the toilet seat from the toilet bowl. Now, that you found the bolts, you should tighten it slightly, if this is the problem with the toilet seat. Add larger bits to the drill to broaden the hole. Sign In ... Alternatively, if you can buy the exact same seat, then you might well be able to just replace the broken part and not have to remove the whole seat. Examine the cap's covering the bolt and hinges to determine their orientation. It could be a toilet seat with hidden fixings and you might not know how to go about it. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to remove and replace a toilet seat in your home. hidden toilet seat fixings! To remove,the screw locates Into the nut,one turn. If you live by yourself, you can get by with cleaning the toilet seat every so often. These are usually attached to the toilet bowl using a bolt that is … Would this toilet seat have caps covering the fixings (actually on top of toilet). You may need to cut through the bolt and hinges that connect the seat and the toilet. Remove the regular plastic caps, ease the flathead screwdriver beneath the cap and pop it up. After the application of this oil, wait for about five to ten minutes for the oil to seep properly into tight spaces of the hardware. Some designs are relatively straightforward and only need a flathead screwdriver to pop them open. The shape of the screw determines the kind of screwdriver or tools you'll need to unfasten the hinge. The good news is that you may not need to call in a professional fixer. It also lets you get the toilet seat out of the way. That increases the likelihood of suffering an injury and drastically reduces the lifespan of your toilet seat. The screw threads into a cone shaped nut,which is captive within the bung. 2pcs Diy Plastic Toilet Seat S Fixings Fit Seats How to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings 7 easy steps how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings a detailed guide how to install a soft close toilet seat you bath how to replace a toilet seat you That means the bathroom is always at risk of turning into a germ-infested mess if you don’t take quick and effective corrective measures. terms of service, By signing up, you Put in a thin drill of about 1/16 thick. When deep cleaning your toilet, you should take off the toilet seat as it affords you better access to the hidden spaces. Please enter your email and we will send you a link to reset it. Yizhet 1 Pairs Toilet Seat Top Fixings Top Fix Toilet Seat Fixings Toilet Seat Hinge Fittings Quick Release Hinges DIY Home Tool 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,239 £9.98 £ 9 . This will help to protect the plastic side of the seat. You can also tape the seat and the lid together in an open or closed position. In a situation where the hardware of your toilet seat proves resistant to the screwdriver, you can bring in the hacksaw. While some toilet seats are easily detached, some have the attachment mechanism hidden, making the process a tad complicated. To continue, please verify your email address. Try placing some materials on the screw for added traction. We have seven easy steps where you can do it all by yourself Usually, you’ll be faced with a slot or Philip's head. 98 Using too much pressure might strip the screw head, making the task more challenging. Replace fixings on toilet seat to top fixings When our toilet was fitted by the builder the toilet seat had fittings underneath. Step 2. Subscribe to receive home maintenance to-do list and top tips from experts to guide you through your renovation journey. Some caps are attached to the toilet seat while others pop right off. Whats people lookup in this blog: How To Remove Kohler Toilet Seat With Hidden Fixings The design of the hidden fixings may require that you apply a socket wrench or its extension before you can reach the nut holding bolt. Just so long as I don't want much. 11 January 2010 at 3:18PM. Measure from your toilet seat fixing point to the lip and then the width to find the dimensions needed for your new toilet seat. Use the pliers to keep the nuts steady and then use your screwdriver to unscrew the bolt. Toilet Bowl Seat Hinges: A Detailed Look at What Really Matters. The hinges are always at the back of the toilet seat and are sometimes covered with plastic caps for both safety and beauty. The exposure of metallic hinges to water and urine speeds up the rusting process. Hidden Fixing Toilet SeatTOTO SS113#01 Transitional SoftClose. Since your toilet seat bolts are hidden, you need to look at the fittings in order to remove them. Contractor. If the screws are secured by wingnuts in the lower side, you can use your hands to keep them from rotating as you work the top. If you want to replace the seat, you should loosen the bolts, being careful not to damage the holes where the bolts are inserted in the toilet. If the toilet is old and the seat is attached to it using metal bolts, you might have to use a penetrating oil such as WD40 on the bolt and nut. These are usually at the back of the toilet seat. You’ll need the following tools to fit a new toilet seat: A tape measure; Pliers This step is necessary since removing the hidden fixings can jostle or push against the toilet seat. Are you creating a budget for your project? Firstly, line up and attach the new fittings - by slotting the bolts through the toilet fixing holes. Hinges have different categories. Carefully work through the caps with your flat head screwdriver to remove them. So you have been having problems with toilet seat blind hole fixings. Cleaning the body is not a problem until you get to the seat and try to remove it. Also, check if they are covered by plastic caps behind the toilet seat. When the nuts and bolts are loose already, you can always put in a screwdriver inside the head of the bolt. A solution of 1-part acetone and 9-part cooking oil can suffice if you don’t have any WD40 handy. After buying two new seats that don't fit and hours of struggle we discovered (on the internet, not at Homebase, Wicks, the Plumb Center etc where everyone was pretty clueless about it) - that for back to wall toilets you need something called a top fixing kit, or a well nut. Replacing a toilet seat with hidden fixings Not usually a problem I know, but the fixing beneath the back of the toilet is hidden by the side of the toilet which reaches almost to the wall. agree to Kukun’s Step 5. Tape the toilet seat to the cover using duct tape. Once you get the hang of it, you can prevent any kind of corrosion and make the next removal easier. The oil will serve as a lubricator that will loosen the already corroded metal. There are no bolts under the pan, only access is from the top.. Gloves aren’t a hard requirement, but you can never be too careful when working on a toilet. These type of fixings are used when access is denied to the underneath of a toilet seat fixing hole situated on the toilet … Unscrew the screws, applying gentle pressure as you twist the screwdriver anti-clockwise. Penetrating oil such as WD40 is used for rusted bolts and nuts. The above steps, when followed carefully, will help you remove a toilet seat with hidden fixings easily without having to depend on anyone. In order to claim or create a new business profile, you need to confirm your email. Use the necessary tool to pry open the hinge cover, taking care to apply gentle pressure to avoid damages. South Korean Women Dread Public Bathrooms Because Of Spy Cam Toilets Guide Types Installation Bathroom Kohler This is the offending article: Rusty hinges and screws result in considerable play, causing the once stable seat to shift under your weight. FITTING OF PLUG TYPE BLIND HOLE TOILET SEAT FIXING. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If the toilet seat is an old one, spray the penetrating oil on the two bolts. If you can re-use any of the old seat fixings/parts if your new loo seat doesnt come supplied with metal threaded fix thru bolt, but has nasty plastic ones you may wish to consider, if useable, re-using the old loo seat fixings. It keeps the seat from falling over or slamming on your fingers or getting in the way as you work. Some caps are attached to the toilet seat while others pop right off. A flathead works for the slot head, but you’ll need a Philips screwdriver for the Philips’ head. If the pliers cannot get the job done, feel free to apply your drilling machine on the unmoving bolts as your final resort. Step 2. Always be careful when you are drilling the holes since it may cause damages. terms of service, By login, you agree to Kukun’s Estimate the cost of your home remodeling project, Know how to get your house ready for sale, Find answers to your home improvement project, Whitelabel our Tools, Widgets, API’s, Data and Analytics, Learn how to increase the value of any property. The trick is to maintain the seat through regular cleaning and by replacing worn out parts as and when required. Essentially, fitting a new toilet seat the reverse of the removal process. If that fails as well, use a hacksaw to create a notch on the screw head, then use the flathead screwdriver to work the bolts loose. If you have experienced difficulties while cleaning your toilet like me, you need to read on. Once you’ve worked the toilet seat and the hinge mechanism, you can go ahead and give your toilet a thorough cleaning. If you have kids, you must wipe the toilet seat, handle, and bowl at least once a day with a disinfectant. I hope I can continue this journey of self-fulfillment and self-discovery and keep providing value to people’s lives. All rights reserved. Join our marketplace for professional remodelers, contractors The toilet is fiited into a cabinet,and to remove pan would have to break all the. These are usually attached to the toilet bowl using a bolt that is secured by a nut on the underside. To fix a loose toilet seat, locate the screws that hold the seat on. What’s more, each flush of the handle unleashes a mini tsunami to sweep away the waste, sending plumes of microbes flying in the air. If you have discovered a loose movement around the toilet seat, especially when seated on it, it means some damages need to be repaired. Fitting a toilet seat is a relatively straightforward task but it requires a little preparatory work. The toilet seat has come loose and I cannot get access to the nuts as it … Then press down on the screw. All you have to do is to turn the socket wrench counterclockwise. Trouble is, I can't work out how to remove it and tighten it. Purchasing a toilet seat generally includes the hinges though you can also buy them separately. Copyright © 2020 Kukun. Estimate the cost of your bathroom remodel. Many new toilet seats are attached to the toilet bowl with two plastic bolts and nuts. If you want to remove your toilet seat hidden fixings, do stock the following necessary tools: When you have your tools ready, the next step will be to go into the removal process. How to install a soft close toilet seat bath how to replace a toilet seat remove toilet seat with hidden fixings replace this toilet seat. and real estate pros. Step 1. Others might be a tad complicated and might call on you to use a socket wrench to loosen the nuts and bolts. … Rusty metallic bits also leave ugly brown stains on your toilet bowl that are difficult to clean. However, that shouldn’t cast a dark cloud on your efforts to keep your bathroom clean and sparkling. Under the toilet, you will find bolts that stick out. Simple, step by step tutorial on how to change a toilet seat and lid. Certain instruments and tools are handy for a DIY kind of person. Most of the time, the bolts are just hidden from plain sight. If it comes to this, you’ll have to replace the screws to ensure that the seat fits snugly and securely on the toilet bowl. Step 3. Step 6. With such toilet seats, you need to remove the protective coverings to get to the hinges. Taping the seat and the lid together makes the unit easier to handle. Then proceed with the removal of these caps with your flat head screwdriver. Pics of : How To Replace Toilet Seat With Hidden Bolts. Read more: How to replace toilet water line in 6 steps. Despite the odds seemingly stacked against you, keeping your bathroom clean and sanitary is a cakewalk. fitting toilet seat with no access to the undersid new member I want to fit a new seat on a toilet which does not offer me any access to the underside of the holes to fit the usual wing nut fittings. The topics that I cover ranges from: healthcare, home improvement, personal finance, art, fitness and many more. The first step to remove a toilet seat with hidden hinges or how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings entails peeking behind the plastic caps. Importance of Replacing Toilet Hinges. Use a wide knife such as the putty knife and place it so that it can cover the porcelain that is around the bolt head. Removing the hinges lets you clean grime and dirt that’s often hidden beneath. Step 1. These bolts are tightened by wingnuts. Underneath the toilet you will notice the bolts sticking out which will be held firm by two nuts / wingnuts. It will help you to hold down the bolt to loosen — that is if you are not using the plier. Add gentle but steady force on the wrench higher for a short period several times until the nuts loosen. If the seat or bolts are damaged, you may need to go to the hardware store to replace these parts.