Spiritual gifts

Spiritual gifts

  • 14 May 0

Spritual gifts 2

Over the next couple of days we will grow into an acquaintance of the complete list of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, we will discuss the learning cycle that each one of us go through time and time again when we learn about a new topic.

This learning cycle is also true as we grow towards maturity in enjoying the full blessings in servant hood when using the gifts for the edification and building up of His Body (our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus)

I therefore invite each one to just scan through the 4 core passages mentioned, in the image below, and high-lite the relevant gifts in your Bible. This will build your faith that these gifts are real, and will make you wonder what gift/s you have and will also raise the question, for what purpose was the gift/s given to you?


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