What is Bronze Membership?
Bronze Membership – is understanding and adopting Wisdom and Knowledge from a Biblical perspective according to the teachings of Jesus to establish the reason WHY one has to become debt free
What is Silver Membership?
Silver Membership – is to implement “WHY-TO-HOW” to become debt-free, by establishing a vision supported by an implementation plan
What is Gold Membership?
Gold Membership – is to take the “NOW THAT YOU HAVE A VISION AND A PLAN” towards defining an implementation plan for “PROSPERITY WITH A PURPOSE”
What is Platinum Membership?
Platinum Membership – is “the A-Z of HOW-TO-IMPLEMENT your ’10 mina steward business’ for prosperity with a purpose” so one can be released into one’s creation purpose, and includes everything you will ever need to adopt the mindset of the wealthy, learn everything you will ever need to really understand to operate with excellence, resolution and Christian energy in any of the four business quadrants, whether as an employee, self-employed, business owner or investor!